Awkward Face, Awesome Objects

Those who subscribe to my newsletter know I did a little shoot with my friend Zoë the other weekend. I’ve had a few things come up lately that required a profile shot and pictures of my creative workspace.

This is pretty hilarious, mainly because my “creative workspace” is usually me laying awkwardly on my bed with my laptop on my chest or sitting in a random cafe attempting to be more productive. Sometimes however I do sit at my very humble Ikea desk, with a few of the trinkets I’ve collected over the past ten months. Once you pack up your life and fit it into a suitcase, hoarding feels super toxic. It felt amazing throwing out SO much crap when I moved that I’m now very conscious of what I buy—and have definitely adopted a new shopping mantra:

Buy less, choose well

Apart from my non-Selby apartment, I’m super awkward when it comes to having my photo taken. I’ve always preferred taking pictures of objects, my feet or at least with someone else in frame with me. No toilet #selfies here folks. This is why it was great shooting with Zoë, I felt as natural as I possibly could have in that situation and am stoked with how the photos turned out—her superstar camera skills playing the biggest part in that! My awkward face aside, I truly love so many of the objects in these shots and thought I’d share what they are.


I fell head over bed for this blanket the second I walked into Hay, among pretty much everything else inside that store. It’s bright, it’s pink and it’s patterned. Yep, it had to be mine.

Notebook 2

There’s actually an awesome story as to how I acquired this puppy, which I’ll definitely have to write about soon. Notebook 2 is a collection of premium and flawlessly printed notebooks, designed by some of my favourite international studios.

‘G’ mug

A birthday gift from my lovely friend Sarita. It’s a Playtype mug but Berliners you can pick one up locally at VooStore.

‘Paper’ bag

These bags are sold in heaps of gift stores around Berlin and I have them for everything! Paper, clothes, stuff... they are all labelled and I love an organised room. Will post a link when I find out what the actual brand is!

Our/Berlin Vodka

Love using random alcohol bottles as vases—they have so many cute glass bottles here. Drinking the vodka is obviously part of the fun too.


Gorman. Where else?


The neon ‘Gabby-coloured’ poster is another Playtype purchase and TDF is to thank for the ‘Assholes will be assholes’ number, which was posted to me when I bought one of their typefaces.

Jan the red rocket

AKA my Tokyobike. People in relationships take photos of their partners. Those that don’t have partners take photos of their pets. Those that have neither take photos of their bikes. Naturally I had to have best looking one in town, and as a result suffer from intense Fahrrad-angst that it’s going to get stolen one day.

All images shot by Zoë Noble.
Also a shout out to Bas for helping me prep for the shoot when she visited Berlin!

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