Suzie Tuxen

Kicking off the first profile for Broads Down Under wasn’t an easy task, especially when I want to share everyone with you all at once! It seemed fitting to start with Suzy Tuxen however, as she is one of my favourite designers in Australia, who just so happens to be female.

Suzy is certainly no underdog in the design industry and I’m sure many of you are familiar with her stunning typographic craft and intricate graphic details. What has always grabbed my attention with Suzy’s work is that no project is alike—not only within her own body of work but also when compared to the work of others.

As a creative director, founder and mother, Suzy represents a work/life balance many women hope to achieve. A Friend of Mine is based in Melbourne and Suzy will be taking part in Make Nice — An Un-conference for Creative Women this June.

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