Broads Down Under

I wrote an article a while back about Australian women in design and the disproportion of women starting their own companies and becoming creative directors when compared to men. I’ve just returned to Berlin after a seven week sabbatical in the land Down Under and was reminded about a lot of the issues I spoke of and did nothing about. I want to change that.

I’ve spent the last few weeks researching, collating and downright internet stalking, looking for women specifically in design. With a focus on founders, creative directors and those in senior roles, it probably goes without saying the list isn’t all that long. Having said that, I believe there are a lot of ladies on this list that aren’t super well known but are doing exceptional work in Australia—along with a few Australian women doing the same while working overseas.

I’ll be featuring a few profiles a week here and in my newsletter, in the hope of broadening (see what I did there?) the design industry’s knowledge of what Australia has to offer. I’m positive the list will grow as I discover more people, and I’ve also been noting the next generation of female designers and directors-to-be. My aim is to create a database so we’ll see more women speaking at events, sitting on panels, becoming #girlbosses and allowing a supportive network of like-minded creatives to grow organically.

If you would like to submit someone, please feel free to email or tweet me their full name and link!

Pictured with my number one designer gal, who loves Broad City as much as I do.