Cool Ass Kickstarters

I’m not usually one to browse Kickstarter for no reason but recently I feel like a lot of projects have caught my eye. Unfortunately I couldn’t pledge to all of them but definitely felt these three in particular were worth sharing here.

Anxy Magazine

“Anxy is a magazine about our inner worlds. The ones we often refuse to share, despite all that they drive inside us.” This is a topic I’m very interested in and passionate about so I pledged to get a copy of the magazine if they hit their funding goal.

Fidget Cube

The name says it all really, this Kickstarter is for anyone who likes to fidget. I constantly fidget and even when I’m not at my desk I’m usually tapping my foot, picking at my nails or peeling labels off bottles. Apparently fidgeting isn’t necessarily a negative habit though, as this project explains.

The Tiny Tower

I’ve been spending some time with the lovely folks at Ableton and their office is sporting some neat standing desks. It’s a total game-changer in my opinion, and I love having the option to stand or sit throughout the day. I usually have my laptop prepped on some books or stacked card, so this Tiny Tower laptop stand would be an awesome addition to my posture game!

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