Creatives Who Colour

It probably doesn’t come as a shock that I’m a big fan of colour. I’ve always been drawn to bright over black however I understand why people can be terrified of it. Using colour in design can be tricky, there is so much subjective opinion and preference that it’s often easier to just make something mono. If you’re looking to broaden your spectrum, here are 12 creatives who are killing the colour game with their kaleidoscope portfolios.



Mexican studio Anagrama has a portfolio that get’s updated more than your average designspiration blog. Their output is insane and they certainly aren’t afraid to use colour in their many designs.

Camille Walala

For palettes and patterns, Camille Walala knows exactly what’s up. The French artist lives and breathes the colours she paints on walls, clothes and canvases. No building is too big to receive a Walala makeover and if you’ve spent any time in Shoreditch, London you might have seen just how big!

Craig and Karl

You might recognise a lot of their work from New York Time covers, and it’s no surprise with illustrations as distinct as theirs. The drawing duo use lots of strong colours in their collaborations.

Georgia Perry

When I was living in Sydney and helping out with CreativeMornings, it was obvious we needed Georgia Perry to speak on the monthly theme of Colour. I mean, she even has a colouring in book for adults!

Hey Studio

Whether it’s branding, graphic design or illustration, Hey Studio produce stunning work. The simplest of colour palettes are often the hardest and they nail it every time!

Karan Singh

Truly mesmerising work by illustrator Karan Singh, an Australian designer who lives in Tokyo, Japan. I love the high contrast and intensity of colour he uses, while the animations add another cool dimension.

Kate Moross

A self-professed colour lover and energetic squiggle drawer, Kate Moross is on this list for obvious reasons. Her typography, illustration, art direction and design all have elements of colour.

Leta Sobierajski

This independent New York designer has been smashing out so much great work in the last year or so. Apart from colour, she also seems to really enjoy adding hands to any project she can. Works for me!

Lisa Gorman

If anyone has ever asked me where my top/dress/pants/shoes were from the answer is almost always Gorman. Australian fashion label owner Lisa Gorman creates my favourite outfits and collaborates with amazing artists from around the world.

Malika Favre

Colour is just one detail that makes Malika Favre’s work so beautiful, and her use of positive and negative space proves it!

Rachel Castle

Happy, whimsical and fun. Castle and Things sell lovely products with pops of colour sewn and screen printed and printed with love.

Steve Powers

Another artist who prefers giant walls and buildings over your standard canvas size. I was lucky enough to see him speak at CreativeMornings in NYC, however I was not lucky enough to get to Coney Island and see all the amazing typography and paintings he is responsible for there.

Keeping this list to only 12 people was really difficult! There are so many creatives doing inspirational work with colour but hopefully this is a good start. Let me know your favourites or anyone I’ve missed on Twitter.

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