Design It Yourself

Something I’ve always wanted to do is create my own physical products, but for one reason or another it just hasn’t happened yet. Apart from dedicating the time, there is also the hassle of setting up a store, inventory, postage and all the jazz that my apartment doesn’t really have the capacity for. I’m sure many of you can relate, so I put together a few companies that take care of all that for you (while also taking a nice commission from your designs, obviously).


Shop millions of design prints and products or create your own! Society6 is the big dog when it comes to designers and artists uploading designs to turn their graphics into a huge range of physical products.

Print All Over Me

POAM is an online platform promoting slow fashion and encouraging collaboration across the globe. A tad more expensive but higher quality clothing with new silhouettes released roughly every three months.


If you’re a secret seamstress and only require cool fabric for your future product, Spoonflower is definitely for you! Print your designs on a huge range of fabrics and sell them to other people around the world.

Swag My Case

Up your smart phone game by giving it some swag. Whether your poison is iPhone or Android, there’s a case waiting for you to add your personal style.

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