Free Font Trials

Fonts can be an expensive investment for a first round of concepts that might not make the cut. Obviously good typefaces are worth every penny, as I understand ligatures don’t just magically join themselves (although that would be pretty awesome). Sometimes you need to show a client the difference between Da Font and Commercial Type before you can convince them to buy. I think it’s great how some type foundries have started to offer free trials as a way for you to try before you buy—or sell something in to a client. Here are 3 places I’ve recently used to trial fonts (with limited character sets of course).

Grilli Type

One of my favourite foundries, Grilli Type offers free trials for all their fonts. I have used so many of their typefaces for projects in the last 2 years, purely because I could show concepts using the trial fonts and then have clients purchase them.

Medium Extra Bold

Maybe not as well known but not to their discredit. So many great typefaces to try out and play around with!


I’ve mentioned Fontstand a few times before, and not to be repetitive but it’s a great service. You can rent, buy, but also try the fonts for an hour or two on your machine.

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