Free Talks and Events

It’s no secret (or surprise) that large events and conferences are on the expensive side of life. However if you aren’t attending design events, armed with the excuse you can’t afford it, sorry but I’m calling bullshit. There are so many free events happening every week across the world, and here’s a few places to look for one near you.


A breakfast lecture series that happens every month in 164 cities and growing! You also get coffee and breakfast snacks, I mean whaaaat?


Don’t like the idea of getting up that early? Perhaps Glug is a better option for you. It’s a night time event with a similar concept—just switch out caffeine for booze. Also happening in multiple cities around the world.


A monthly meet up for for the Berlin web design community. While this is city-specific I have no doubt other cities run similar events.


There are literally hundreds of free events on this site alone, not only about design and creativity but just about anything. Croquet club, anyone?


Once again, too many events to count. Just punch in your city and areas of interest and see what is happening around you!

Another word of advice if there is a conference you reeeeeally want to attend, why not ask your studio or company to pay for it? The worst thing they can say is no, but more often than not it’s a great investment in the advancement of their employees. If you are a student or self-employed, how about offering to volunteer? Helping out at conferences is a great way to get involved, meet new people and of course, get a free pass to the events. I did this so much at uni and still do it today!

Whether you decide to pay full price, volunteer or stick to the freebies, there are plenty of design-related events out there for everyone.

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