Games for Graphic Designers

Who said learning has to be boring or that games can’t be proactive? Design should be accessible to everyone, and fun is the best way to introduce people to it. Whether you’re new to design or have been practicing for years, you’ll enjoy these games that cater to all stages.


What is nerdier than design trivia? I honestly don’t know the answer but I know I’m thankful it exists. The volumes feature personal questions from some of the world’s most significant designers, including Stefan Sagmeister, Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. Design enthusiasts will love this one.

Design Facts

Do you know how Adobe got it’s name or who printed the first halftone photograph? Learn fun facts and history about design with this simple website.

Kerning Game

Kern and burn with the ultimate word kerning game. Typographers and designers you should be nailing this one!

Shape Type

A letter shaping game to improve your knowledge of letterforms, bezier curves and type in general.

Hex Invaders

Very old school arcade-style game, only to stop the invaders you need to learn your reds, blues and greens! Shoot the coloured invader that matches the hex code to destroy them.

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