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German Idioms

German Idioms

Hilarious German idioms my awesome tandem partner Lisa Schmidt has taught and illustrated for me. Too good not to share, I digitised them for everyone’s learning pleasure.

Einen Kater haben

Literally: to have a cat
Figuratively: to have a hangover

Einen Vogel haben

Literally: to have a bird
Figuratively: to be crazy

Etwas auf dem Schirm haben

Literally: to have something on the umbrella
Figuratively: to pay a lot of attention to something

Tomaten auf den Augen haben

Literally: to have tomatoes for eyes
Figuratively: to be completely unaware of a situation

Keinen Bock haben

Literally: to not have a ram
Figuratively: to not have the urge/you can’t be bothered

Einen Ohrwurm haben

Literally: to have an ear worm
Figuratively: to have a something/a song stuck in your head

Schwein haben

Literally: to have a pig
Figuratively: to have luck

Pip Ireland

Pip Ireland

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