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Guide to NYC for Designy Types

Guide to NYC for Designy Types

My time in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of has come to an end and I am officially ruined. NYC is always a blast but damn it’s exhausting. It really is the city that never sleeps. As always I was travelling with my city map, but I thought I’d narrow down a few places, eats and non-touristy treats incase you’re visiting soon!

Delicious design

Russ and Daughters
A New York City institution that knows how to bagel. Branding and design (and above cover image) by Kelli Anderson.

Le Turtle
French new-wave is all the rave. Art direction and design by Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree.

Happy Bones
Because everyone is happier after coffee. Branding and design by Lotta Nieminen.


Canal Street Market
Beautiful retail and design concepts.

Tictail Market
A curated selection of art, fashion, and home design.

Industry City
An innovation ecosystem wrapped up into one location.


Whitney Museum
American Art worth checking out a second time round.

Comedy Cellar
When Donald Trump is about to be president, comedians are certainly not short of material.

Coney Island
Unfortunately I still haven’t made it here but if I was in NYC during the warmer months I would bear the train and the tourists, just to check out the beautifully painted signs of Steve Powers.

Sofar Sounds
Bringing back the magic of live music with secret pop-up gigs.

An Open Letter to 2016

An Open Letter to 2016

NYC Design Studios

NYC Design Studios