Hello Squarespace

For the people who have read this blog before (hi Mum), you'll notice I've made the switch from Tumblr to Squarespace. Not that Squarespace needs any help with online marketing, I've really liked the service and I'm excited about the change. My main goal is simply to create a superior visual and reading experience than what was taking up this humble space on the internet previously.

I'm always keen to try out new platforms and originally started playing around with Squarespace for my portfolio site. I found it really easy and intuitive to use, and noticed the blog feature had a lot more control over aesthetics opposed to Tumblr themes I've longed for. I've got some fun new content coming, as well as reposting a few edited articles from last year, seeing as they've been left behind with the switch.

So what else is new? I've finally added a resources page! I'm super excited about this as it's something I've wanted to do for so long. There are so many great design blogs and resources out there, but none are stored in an index where you can easily refer back without the hassle of scrolling through 20 posts. I'll be going into more detail with these resources in future posts, but there will always be a static page that exists in this list format.

I'll be putting a little extra love into my newsletters so make sure you sign up to get the goods before, well, my Mum.

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