PSA: How To Repost Images on Instagram

The internet isn’t so black and white and when it comes to reposting on Instagram it can be all kinds of grey. When reposting other people’s images, these are five guidelines I recommend to avoid really annoying the owner of the image.

Step 1

Respect the original image! Do not edit, colour, crop or add your own filters.

Step 2

Tag the CORRECT account in the image as well as in the caption before the copy gets cut off if you can.

Step 3

Don’t add those ugly repost things at the bottom (see 1.)

Step 4

Never use someone else’s image to promote your own product or account. There may not be Repost Laws (yet) but it’s plagiarism.

Step 5

Repost images for the sole purpose of promoting exactly what the image was intended for and/or the original creator/owner of the image.

That’s all! It’s really not that hard. Have anything else to add? Feel free to let me know.

How ToGabby Lord