Interesting Instagrams

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, as I do all too often, it hit me how much great content is on this nifty social media platform. It鈥檚 no wonder we all get sucked into the vortex of beautiful images posted daily, and here are three accounts I have been particularly loving of late.

Mundane Matters

Sydney based Danling Xiao aims to inspire sustainable creative living. She does this through the marvellous images she creates for her Instagram, depicting all kinds of seemingly mundane subjects with fresh and healthy produce.


NY Legs

I love this project by Stacey Baker, where she photographs the legs of women walking the streets of New York City. There is so much personality and identity and yet not a single face is revealed. Even the sidewalks in the background contribute to the story the pictures are telling. The overall series demonstrates the vast and diverse beauty of women in New York鈥攁ll shapes, sizes, culture and how they express themselves through fashion.


The Gay Beards

Two best friends creating colourful images of seriously happy beards. They tend to think the world needs more love and laughter, and personally contribute by dressing their facial hair in the most bizarre of things!


Gabby Lord