It’s been a minute


After months of umming and ahhing about how to move forward with this site, I finally realised that blogging really isn’t my passion. I love writing my weekly newsletter because it’s something I bust out in a few hours and doesn’t have to be a huge, overly thought-out thing. A blog, on the other hand, feels like way more pressure.

A lot of the content I have been posting in this space has found other lives. For example, Broads Down Under has found its way to Instagram and I think it feels good there. The Resource Recaps started to take up a lot of time and were a little too repetitive for my liking. The rest was mainly for the purpose of breaking those two things up, apart from the occasional long-form personal piece, such as the G-Lord Found Berlin Bound series.

As you might have noticed, I completely redesigned this website which was actually a conscious effort to shift the focus from being a “blog” to more of an online resource. I’ve always been more interested in sharing quality over quantity, so moving forward I’m going to focus on exactly that. I will still be posting here, just a lot less frequently than I used to.

For consistent updates and resources, you can still find me in your inbox weekly.

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