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Job Hunting in Berlin

Job Hunting in Berlin

It seems more and more designers are making the move to Berlin to pursue a career in this gritty city. Being in a foreign country with it’s own language and culture, it’s no surprise I get asked how to get a job here quite a lot. The truth is, job hunting isn’t something I’ve experienced first hand as I found my job through a friend-of-a-friend type situation. If you don’t happen to know anyone living here it can be hard to find your feet. As a start, here are a few resources I would use if I was looking for work and trying to make connections in Berlin.

Job hunting

Design Made in Germany
The name is pretty self explanatory but they also have a jobs board with listings all over Germany.

A newsletter for jobs and apartments.

Skip telling people you’d like to add them to your professional network and head straight to the jobs board. You can search by title and location so it’s relatively painless considering it’s Linkedin.

An awesome weekly newsletter about cafes, bars, culture and things popping up around Berlin. They sometimes post jobs but admittedly it is quite rare. Make sure you sign up for the English version unless du sprichst Deutsch of course.

Berlin Kreativ
A Twitter feed that posts jobs relating to the creative industry.

Startup Guide Berlin
Not so much a resource for job listings but if you’re looking to break into the start-up world there is a long list in this book. Not a bad place to start when it comes to researching and learning a few companies that are out there.

Berlin Startup Jobs
Again, the name is pretty self explanatory. Lots of jobs for developers and UI/UX designers.

Berlin Art and Design Ads and Jobs
A closed Facebook group that you can request access to. People post all kinds of jobs and events in there.

Networking and events

CreativeMornings Berlin
The usual CM goodness, packaged in a Berlin bundle. The talks are sometimes in German but lots are also in English.

TYPO Berlin
A conference surrounding typography but  mix of English and German talks because this event is huge! So many great speakers lined up for this year and I had a blast at the 2015 event. There’s an after party and plenty of opportunities to meet people.

Tech Open Air
A tech conference with entrepreneurs, artists and scientists at a beautiful location.

Salt and Sass
An event series that aims to connect, celebrate and bring visibility to women working in the music industry in Berlin. It’s obviously more about music than design, but lots of designers attend, and many musicians need designers!

Geekettes Monthly
Informal and relaxed get-togethers for women in the tech industry.

Remote working and cool places

Cafe and co-working. If all you need is caffeine, power outlets and a semi-stable wifi connection then Betahaus is a great option.

Sankt Oberholz
Similar to Betahaus only bigger, busier and with a few locations. Lots of great Berlin tech companies started in the very walls of good old Oberholz.

A fabrication studio where you can use 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, design software and electronics to make (almost) anything you want. I did the 3D printing and laser cutting workshops a few months ago and it was awesome!

Factory Berlin
A start-up campus to empower entrepreneurs and innovators. They host lots of events, workshops and promote a good sense of community.

Working backwards

Instead of looking for jobs, look for cool companies who are doing the type of work you want to do. Next step is having the courage to send that email but you just never know what will come out of it! They may not have a job for you but hey, you might meet one more person in Berlin at the very least.

Jenna Hipgrave

Jenna Hipgrave

AGDA Shot Down on Vimeo

AGDA Shot Down on Vimeo