Ladies of Email

Email is an incredible tool. Yes it’s been around forever (okay, okay I was born in the 90s alright) but it really is one of the strongest methods of communication, especially when reaching out to people you’ve never met or acquaintances. When I think about the last two years, I’ve formed some amazing friendships with people that originated from a simple subject line and send button. I wanted to take the chance to talk about three creative ladies who I think are particularly spectacular.

Kate Pullen

Type and lettering

Starting the list of e-mances strong with who is possibly the pen pal love of my life—this girl is so gorgeous and talented it hurts. Secretly admiring her through Instagram, she randomly mentioned something I had said in her interview with The Design Kids. Living in Sydney at the time, I decided to email her (something along the lines of wanting to be best friends) because I was visiting Melbourne in a fortnight and wanted to meet her. One coffee date—yet no coffee for Kate—and three hours later we were still chatting away. That was over a year ago and we are still writing letters about work, life, embarrassing moments, gardening and being old women trapped inside 20-something bodies.

You can find Kate’s beautiful face, fingernails and lettering here.


Ngaio Parr

Designer and illustrator

This gem had just moved to Sydney when she emailed me, and we first caught up for a Kawa cuppa one sunny morning in Surry Hills. Outgoing and friendly with the fiercest locks in town, this glamazon was making more waves than people who had lived there their whole lives. I immediately had a lot of respect for Ngaio. Having come from Tamworth I knew how hard it was to move to Sydney not knowing anyone and she had a lot of lady balls to reach out to an industry that can be a little cliquey at times. Since then we’ve managed to rendezvous in New York and share a love for design, pizza and Beyoncé.

You can find Ngaio’s work, words and watercolours here.

Samee Lapham

Designer and photographer

Having lived in London for almost two years now, Samee understands the life of the Australian expat designer and has felt every struggle (minus learning German) that comes with it. A few attempts to coordinate meeting IRL finally led to avocado on toast and delicious conversation. It was so nice to catch up and talk about UK life, missing home and how ridiculous the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is. Can’t wait to do it again!

You can find Samee’s snaps of London nooks here.

The Internet gets a bad rap when it comes to forming relationships but I can honestly say I have met some of the most genuine, down to earth people starting from behind a screen. So, if there is someone you’ve been wanting to get in touch with what are you waiting for? Go on, click send.

Gabby Lord