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Listen and learn with podcasts

Listen and learn with podcasts

Something I love about technology is that it provides us with so many different ways to digest content. You can read it, watch it, play it, interact with it ... the list goes on. Listening to content is a great way to learn while doing something that generally doesn't require a lot of brain power—and podcasts are an awesome tool for this. With so many ‘This is why your blah designs are broken blah blah you suck’ Medium posts out there, its actually refreshing to hear opinions and thoughts that are a little less scripted and have a more conversational aspect to them.

Some of my no brainer tasks include catching public transport, cardio exercise and hours deep-etching fingers in Photoshop. These activities arent so exciting but add a cheeky podcast to the mix and youve got yourself an opportunity for learning without adding time to your day. Have some mundane Photoshopping to do yourself? Here are some of my favourite podcasts.

Australian Design Radio
So Im a little biased with this one but I absolutely love this podcast. Flyn runs the CreativeMornings Sydney chapter, Tractor design school and just knows how to get shit done. His latest venture, Australian Design Radio, makes me LOL from my desk on the other side of the world yet has the ability to transport me back home in seconds. Co-hosted with Matt Leach, ADR is a new platform for conversations with industry guests and commentary on a community I deeply care about.

Sean McCabe is an absolute powerhouse and releases two podcasts every week like clockwork. If youre on his mailing list, without a shadow of a doubt youll have the show notes and a link in your inbox every Wednesday and Friday. Tangible insights on creativity and business, this podcast is a must for those who want to turn their passion into their career. A lot of tough love in this one, so if youre looking for a quick fix or easy solution to your life problems, Sean certainly isnt going to give it to you.

Another Aussie made podcast this one—a little lo-fi but that’s actually one of the reasons I like it. Run by three guys who obviously care about whats going on in the design world but dont take themselves too seriously. I find it comforting tuning into conversations that don't necessarily have all the answers, sometimes its nice just to listen and take away your own thoughts and opinions on the subject. Its been a fair few weeks since theyve released an episode, which is a little disappointing so Im hoping they pick the project up again in the future.

Know of any other sweet podcasts or make one yourself? Tweet me and let me know! You can also find these podcasts and more on the resources page.

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