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I often forget this but I originally started my newsletter to get better at blogging. Better in the sense that I would have a weekly expectation and a growing audience for accountability. More than a year on, I’m still sending an email every week but I’m also writing for this blog more frequently. It’s a wonder why we’re always surprised that we get better at things with practice—no matter how many times we are told! 

If you’re not into blogging but like the idea of a mailing list then I definitely recommend giving it a go. And just incase you’re new to this whole newsletter thing, here are a few resources to get you started creating your own.



Probably the most popular of all the services, I use Mailchimp because it’s easy, intuitive and free if you have less than 2000 subscribers. A good option if you’re just starting out, especially if your mailing list currently consists only of family members.

Campaign Monitor

An Australian company so obviously I am pro supporting Campaign Monitor! I’ve also used this service for other brands and client work, and it offers very similar features to Mailchimp.

Tiny Letter

I’ve never used Tiny Letter but subscribe to a few newsletters that do. From what I understand it is a very simple tool aimed at a clean and straightforward writing experience.


Like Tumblr but for newsletters. Revue is a free tool to create email digests for people focussed on curation.


Really Good Emails

Designspiration for all emails under the sun. There’s also a great resources page with a long list of links and information on the subject.

Out of the Ordinary Emails

CreativeMornings have curated what they consider exceptional emails about creative obsessions. The header image of this post is from the website, only showing an inch of what is actually on there.


I wrote a post a while ago on email newsletters I subscribe to and actually enjoy reading. You can check out that list here.

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