Noteworthy Notebooks

I never have a shortage of notebooks lying around and noticed I have multiple of the below brands. Some have been gifts, others I’ve bought in bulk, but all I believe are beautiful and useful accessories to any work station.

Write Sketch &

Made in Milan, these notebooks are so beautiful you almost don’t want to scribble in them. Bright colours and contrasting patterns are wrapped around high quality, blank pages. Such a nice gift! In fact, two of my friends bought be this one for Christmas so I can write in one and simply admire the other.

Field Notes

A pocket sized notebook made from durable materials, it makes for the perfect travel companion. They put it perfectly by saying “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now”. Loads of colours and special edition designs to choose from, printed in the USA.


The old faithful as they’re plain and simple so I never feel guilty messing up that first page. You can buy them at most news agencies and stationery stores, so if you like having the same notebook every time then Moleskines are always a winner.

What do you like writing, drawing, sketching or scribbling in? You can let me know on Twitter!

Top image property of Write Sketch &

Other images taken with my humble iPhone 6

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