Online Archives for Inspirational Talks

After spending the last few days at TYPO Berlin, I was reminded how much I love conferences. It’s a chance to meet new people, discover interesting work and be inspired by people doing truly incredible things. I recognise that not everyone has access to these environments—whether it be a matter of limited time or finances—sometimes it’s just not possible.

Regardless of this fact, there is so much free content online that is literally accessible but anyone, anywhere, at any time. Sure it may not have the same atmosphere as an auditorium full of people, but you can still be inspired or learn something in your pyjamas while eating Ben and Jerry’s. Here’s a list of organisations/conferences that have online archives with talks so good, they were worth recording.


This epic conference and creative community is all about empowerment. It has a huge library of videos with some of the world’s best speakers.

Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)

It’s not completely obvious on their website, but AGDA has a Vimeo channel with animations, recorded talks and past events.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

Naturally, if even Australia has a Vimeo channel, America does too. It’s not a huge library and it hasn’t been updated in 2 years but there are still a few talks on there.


All CM talks from all over the world are filmed, edited and hosted online for free.

Nicer Tuesdays

A monthly event curated by It’s Nice That. They bring speakers together for short and sweet talks, providing insight into projects and the creative process behind them.

TED Talks

Ideas worth spreading and the mother of inspirational talk archives. I love TED because it’s not just limited to designy-related topics, but science, global issues, technology and more.

TYPO Talks

And of course there is TYPO! Not every talk from every event is recorded but so many great ones make it onto the website, so check them out!

I’m sure there are MANY other conferences that record their talks, so if there’s any you love, remember to check if they have an archive too!

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