Resource Recap: April

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Lookback is this nifty software that allows you to record the screen of any Apple device without any of the lag. Super useful when recording apps and websites to show clients or feature in your portfolio!

Lingo claims to be the best way to organise, share and use all your visual assets in one place—all on your desktop. Created by The Noun Project, it’s an interesting new take on syncing and sharing assets.

I love this idea! Learn something new every day with Highbrow. You choose what you want to learn and they deliver free 5-minute lessons to your inbox every morning for 10 days.

How Much Does a Website Cost?
As much as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to quoting design, I’m always interested in these calculators. This one specifically relates to web design, and it’s nice to see how they break it down as well as compare to your own prices and quotations.

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