Resource Recap: December

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Time to update my post on online printing services it would seem, because Strut and Fibre weren’t on my original list. They’ve partnered with great studios such as Hey, Two Times Elliott, Build and more, to bring you great design as well as quality printing.

Strut your print stuff

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Money explained without the BS? Uh yus please. This mailing list is all about helping you get smarter with your money and career in an easy, weekly read.

Make money fun


Jessica Hische is at it again, and has created a client email helper to assist you through the process of negotiating contract terms and conditions. Jessica has been an independent creative for years, and has a super long list of very impressive clients. Basically this gal knows what she’s doing and it wouldn’t hurt even the seasoned professionals to check this out.

Start your email-venture


This feels like an obvious one but I’m always surprised by how many people (especially designers) who haven’t heard of Trello! If you love making lists, working collaboratively or are looking for a free option similar to TeuxDeux, this is an awesome tool for exactly those things. It’s also a great way to get those 2017 goals and priorities in order!

Get on boards

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