Resource Recap: February

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Lumi makes packaging your product a breeze, with a factory-direct model and sustainable options on offer. Boxes, mailers, tape—you name it, Lumi probably has it. If you’re running a store or selling products, Lumi is definitely one for the bookmarks.

Lumi know the deets

Netflix and chill just got a whole lot nerdier! Abstract: The Art of Design is a new documentary series, profiling eight creatives and the lives they lead. Kicking off the first episode is Christoph Niemann, a German illustrator and Sunday sketcher based in Berlin. How fitting!

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Sweet mother fonter that’s an archive! Type Foundries Archive is an online project to collect and build a link list of type foundries worldwide—independent or not, big or small, it’s for everyone.

Just my type of archive

No need to sit this pun out, now everyone can be a pun master! This website may look basic, but trust me when I say it’s a whole lot of pun.

We so punny

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