Resource Recap: January

I was looking back over all the resources I’ve shared in my weekly newsletter and thought it might be nice to start posting a monthly recap. Rather than starting from the beginning, I’ll kick off with 2016 and continue the recaps throughout the year.

Startup Hand
Discover and share startup resources with this huge database and help get your new business up and running! Got a few handy links or run a helpful resource yourself? You can submit your website to be added to the list.

Working Not Working
If you’re looking to expand your network or wanting an extra freelance project , Working Not Working aims to connect you to awesome companies. A community of creatives, it’s free but memberships are meticulously curated. Acceptance is based on portfolio so be sure to polish it up before applying.

The Day’s Color
Lacking some inspiration for your colour palettes? Whether you are terrified of colour or low on your usual mojo, The Day’s Color has got you covered. So many great schemes (and admittedly a few bad ones) added daily.

Clipboard Fill Sketch Plugin
My work buds Scott and Stijn casually created a plugin for Sketch. Installing it allows you to paste an image from your clipboard as the fill for any shape. Like many inventions this was bred out of their own necessity (frustration) and are hoping to save you a little in future.

Adobe Voice
I’ve been playing around with Adobe Voice for an upcoming project and I’m pretty impressed with how easy it is to use! An iOS app that turns stories into animated videos in seconds. Unfortunately I needed it to work with video imports as well as photos, however it’s still an awesome tool for small companies putting together intro videos and the like.

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