Resource Recap: January

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There’s not much more to it than the title, but an important cause you may have already realised I’m passionate about. An open directory of female* professional illustrators for you to find in one place.

Women Who Draw


It’s been around a while, but If This Then That (IFTTT) is looking a lot shiner than its humble beginnings. Bring your services together to streamline and automate workflows and social media.

If you click here then you can check it out


Don’t know about you guys but I’m in the mood for some good old graphic design! I’m talking the kind of shit we drool over like fancy foils, spot colours and over-styled portfolio images. There’s a million blogs that show just that, however Mirador is highly curated and on my regular rotation.

This is Mirador


Nothing talks to me more than good copy so it’s no surprise I’ve had my eye on this book for a while now. “Copywrong to copywriter is a handbook for anyone who feels like they can’t write to save themselves.”

Copy that!


Time to get the kno on the AI lo? This 6 minute intro to AI explains things in an easily digestible way, helping you understand all the buzzwords floating around the internet these days.

6 minutes to spare

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