Resource Recap: July

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I’m a big fan of the sub-genre ‘Designers Who Write’ and Frank Chimero is pretty well known on that list. His design work is always a bit ambiguous for my liking however his talks and articles always get me thinking. The guy changes his website more often than I do, and now has a library section full of good reads.

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Imagine Pinterest and Bookmarks had a baby, and you have Hypershoot. I’ve been wanting this exact tool for ages so super glad it finally exists. It’s not perfect but for version 1.0 it’s great! I might even move all my resources onto Hypershoot boards when I have some spare time (LOL!).

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Check domain and social media username availability across multiple networks. This website is hideous, so I do apologise for that however I think you’ll find it particularly handy when setting up a new business or side project.

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BOOM! Just launched yesterday is the new look and home of Australian Design Radio. This was a team effort between awesome Sydney studios Christopher Doyle & Co. and Mentally Friendly. There’s also a new episode with Dave Foster so head on over and check it out!

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