Resource Recap: May

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My workflow would increase drastically if I could remember half the shortcuts for different applications, so I recently installed CheatSheet. All you have to do is hold the ⌘-Key a bit longer to get a list of all active short cuts of the current application. Boom!

Sheetin’ ain’t cheatin’

Seven curated links that only last seven days. Every day a new link is posted and an old link is booted. The internet is harsh like that.

You can’t refuse it

My mum is relatively tech savvy but sometimes it’s best to leave the explaining to professionals. Apple has put together little tutorials for shooting on iPhone, so you (I) don’t have to explain to your (my) mum for the 50th (100th) time, how to take a selfie.

Just shoot me

An online magazine for creative people that are (you guessed it) interface lovers. Find out what turns the best designers on about pixels and perfection.

Face the love

In the spirit of type, this week’s resource is a font purchasing habits survey. Fill out a few questions to receive nine free fonts, it’s a win-win. Firstly, because free fonts, duh. Secondly, because this data helps the type industry understand how you use their fonts and want to use them in the future.

Sounds fontastic!

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