Resource Recap: November

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A series of talks and informal networking, Glug offers creative events around the world. Very similar vibes to CreativeMornings, only swapping a.m. for p.m. and coffee for beer. They’ve just started in Berlin and you can find out if they are in your city via the website.

Attend Glug


I try to mix these resources up so it’s a balance between things that are new on the internet and links I’ve dug up to help me with something that’s been going on this past week. Once I had gotten over my by bed-ridden plague, I spent the end of last week doing user testing research. Conclusion: I suck at it. Asking the right questions is hard and creating a comfortable environment for strangers—while you hover over their shoulder and watch them use the website you’ve designed—is harder. Hence, this five-step process for conducting user research from 2013 is relevant.

Smashing steps


Nothing like a drawing exercise with a time deadline to get your creative juices flowing! The funny thing is, this is a game built to improve how smart the machine is, not you. But just because Quick Draw is an AI experiment as part of Google Create Lab, doesn’t mean you can’t use it to you advantage! Pictures above are my < 20 second drawings.

Quick Draw with Google


I feel like this is a safe space where I can admit just how much I communicate using emojis. Rocket lets you access emojis anywhere on your Mac the same way you would from Slack.


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