Resource Recap: September

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Julie Zhuo is product design VP at Facebook and enjoys writing about design, products and life lessons in her spare time. Amongst all the junk you’ll find on Medium, Julie has a long list of quality design essays that are worth your time.

Take a look through the Looking Glass


Ever wonder how indie magazines are surviving the current digital age? Perhaps you’re looking to publishing something yourself but have no idea where to start. Heftwerk takes the hard work out of print work, helping you from start to finish. It’s a Berlin-based company however I’m sure you’ll recognise the many international magazines they work with, some of which are probably prepped up on your bookshelf.

Magazine publishing made easy


Guys! What! Responsive/variable typography technology is well and truly in development thanks to an epic all-star collaboration between Apple, Google, Microsoft and Adobe.

Geek out on more of the good stuff

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 10.40.11 pm.png

As designers we constantly need to measure things, and designing on screens can mess with our sense of size and scale. I came across this Kickstarter this week and absolutely love the concept. Personal Body Unit Index is a poster featuring a series of diagrams of the body in 17 useful positions for measuring things which relate in scale to the human body.

Sharpen your internal sense of physical scale

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