Résumés, Real Easy!

Is it just me, or do all designers get asked by their family and friends to “jazz up” their résumés when applying for new jobs? This is something I love doing, it honestly makes my day seeing the face of someone who doesn’t know I’ve taken out the fifty-something hyphens they had in their cover letter, and just appreciates the improvement. The problem is, résumés are super time consuming and something that needs to be updated or modified pretty much every time you use them. This is hardly economic for anyone involved, so I collated a few resources that offer a solution. Better CVs for your friends, less headache for you!

Standard Resume

The name says it all really. Standard Resume is simple, easy to use and can be viewed on a mobile or desktop browser as well as downloaded as a print-ready PDF.

Resume Builder

Build a résumé website in seconds. Enter the information, select the template you want and bingo bango your mate Bob has a website he can edit himself.


A better way to résumé! Professional résumés to make first impressions count. This one isn’t free but has more features than the other two resources if that’s what tickles your fancy.


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