Rise of the Collective

As the creative landscape continually evolves, so does the way we work and how we collaborate. I’ve been noticing lately a potentially not-so-new trend of people forming “collectives” rather than studios, which is not only nice to see, but a really awesome idea. Collectives are a great way to work with different people and form bigger teams, while still remaining independent entities. Three really caught my eye and I wanted to share them for anyone thinking of starting something similar!

Cray Collective

A collaboration between seven independent creatives, working in the field of art, interiors, fashion, costume and design.

Ghostly Ferns

A family of freelancer BFFs making things together and separately.


A multidiciplinary design-collective working both as a freelance workspace and a physical creative platform for talks, exhibitions, workshops and other happenings.


Tumbnail image: Ghostly Flo by Laura Bee

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