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Schoolin’ Life

Schoolin’ Life

I’m actually surprised it’s taken me this long to title a post after a Beyoncé song, especially when this is something constantly on my mind. I’ve lived a very privileged life, full of experiences and education, and yet there are so many skills I am yet to learn. The thing is, having a degree doesn’t make you a good human with solid life skills anymore than owning an iMac makes you a good designer. The concept of the school of life isn’t an original one, but I started composing a list of things. Things I hope to learn and continue to improve on. Things they didn’t teach at school that I wish as hell they did.

In no particular order, I wish school taught me how to:

  • Deal with rejection

  • Manage anxiety

  • Do taxes

  • Make decisions based on hope and not on fear

  • Compromise

  • Understand politics

  • Meditate

  • Poach an egg

  • Learn from my mistakes

  • Be self-aware and reflect

  • Change a bike tyre

  • Cope with loss

  • Practise patience

  • Accept my mortality

  • Take criticism

  • Not compare myself to others

  • Be kind

  • Negotiate salaries

  • Talk about money

  • Give a compliment

  • Take a compliment

  • Be resilient

  • Know my worth

  • Think critically

  • Use a drill

  • Deal with insecurities

  • Keep an open mind

  • Express sadness and hurt

  • Be a good friend

  • Ask for help

  • Listen

  • Stand up for what I believe in

  • Be brave

  • Ask questions

  • Have empathy

  • Say I’m sorry

  • Say I miss you

  • Say I love you

The list will go on I’m sure. Have something you thing I should add? Tweet me or by all means, write your own!

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