Stress Less and Compress

Coming from a print background I’ve always been pretty useless at keeping file sizes down. It’s an afterthought, or a result of wondering why my InDesign document is taking ten minutes to export. You can’t avoid 300 DPI resolution when it comes to print, however with web you need to balance the smallest file size with maintaining that crisp image quality. After the usual “WHY ISN’T MY WEBPAGE LOADING?” tanty, I realise all the images I’ve uploaded are 50 MB each and need to re-export them for web.

021 COMPRESS-02.jpg

Avid Photoshoppers, this is nothing new for you. Exporting for web is an action more common than tying your shoelaces—but a little program called ImageOptim can help crunch even more KB. Ridiculously easy to use, this free app will save you disc space, loading time and verbal abuse towards your laptop.

Another handy resource is Small PDF, which compresses PDFs like a total boss! In preparation for my visa application I’ve had to send 20+ PDFs in a single email and this tool has been a lifesaver. You can also turn PDF files into Word documents—something that (unfortunately) comes up a lot with clients who want their letterhead to be an editable Word file.

You can find both these links on the resources page for future reference.

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