Tasty Looking Treats

The confectionery industry has seriously upped its packaging design game of late and the craft chocolate revolution appears to be in full swing. I unashamedly judged all of the below on their covers, originally purchasing because I thought they looked pretty. These brands will set you back a fair bit more than your average block of Cadbury, however they’re sure to satisfy any graphic designers sweet tooth and make for a lovely gift.

Pana Chocolate

Obviously had to start with the Aussie goods! Founded in Melbourne, this chocolate is rich and luxurious. No preservatives, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free—so you’re probably wondering what the bloody hell is in this chocolate? Trust me when I say it tastes as good as the packaging looks. They also support numerous organisations that help preserve our planet.

Mast Brothers

Hipsters unite, this chocolate is as trendy as it gets. Made in New York and sold around the world, Mast Brothers is the chocolate every designer wants to create a cover for. Me included!

Tony’s Chocolonely

Fine packaging and fair trade—Tony’s isn’t just a pretty face. Their story is an admirable one and aims to reveal the reality of cocoa economics and put an end to the slavery that still exists in these modern times. I first saw it in Amsterdam, where the crazy colours and patterns caught my eye. Luckily you don’t need to live in The Netherlands to buy a bar (while supporting a great cause) as they have an online store

Woodblock Chocolate

Made in Portland by a husband and wife team who are seriously passionate about turning beans into bars. They also fundraise and collaborate with the Cocoa Research Centre in Trinidad, where their beans are from.

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