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Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Which is exactly what I’ve been doing the last two weeks of holidaying between Budapest, Prague and even some new places in Berlin. A smart phone can be your best friend when globe trotting, acting as your camera, navigator and translator. These may be fairly obvious but here are five apps I use religiously when I travel and definitely recommend installing before jetting off.

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Google Maps

If I had to pick a single app, this would be it. Don’t be confused with Apple Maps that comes automatically installed, I find Google Maps way better—public transport routes are even mapped out for you! Less time getting lost trying to find the gelato shop and more time eating it!

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Google Translate

What can I say other than Google makes good apps. Depending on where you are travelling, you map not speak the native tongue of your destination. Translate menus, signs and websites with the help of this bad boy.


Day One

I’ve always kept a travel diary, even when I Euro-tripped and practically drank my way through twenty countries when I was 18. I jotted down thoughts, feelings and ideas so I could look back and immediately remember what I did and if I enjoyed it.



I usually do a fair bit of research before heading to another country or city, and a lot of this research is about food. Girls gotta eat! I love finding where locals go—something that gives you a real idea about what it’s like to live in that city. However sometimes you get stuck and you need something quick and close by. Foursquare is perfect for this as you can at least search and read reviews and ratings.



This app is underrated! It makes checking in for flights and having a copy of your boarding pass so easy, especially when travelling with multiple people who only have basic tech skills, not to name names (Mum... Dad...). There are other features that I’m not super familiar with but for flight passes it’s ace!


Are there any apps I’ve missed you think are worth adding? Tweet me and let me know! I will also have custom maps for places I found in Prague and Budapest on my resources page shortly.

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