The reality of travelling is being lost and not knowing where you are going 90% of the time. I’m hardly the savvy navigator when in a new city and rely oh too heavily on a certain electronic device. Mobile phones really do just relieve so much pain and save so much time when travelling—they are the ultimate BS cutter, especially when you have functioning internet.

Whenever I am visiting a new city I create a custom Google map and plot all the places I want to check out and recommendations I’ve received from people. I started doing this to keep track of everything and it’s also insanely helpful to send to people who ask for your recommendations. While the maps were great on desktop, the mobile experience was dreadful. Recently however Google Maps (on iOS anyway) has been updated so you can actually open custom maps within the app! It makes life so easy because you can pull up the app and see where you are in relation to all these little colour-coordinated pins. Hungry? Look for a red pin nearby. Want to go shopping? Those pins are purple; and so on.

I now have maps in 8 cities (some are more impressive than others) and you’ll find links always available at the bottom of the resources page. If you want to create your own you can get started here. I promise it will be great when planning your next trip!

TravelGabby Lord