Writing apps

Writing is such an important component for everything you do but is often overlooked by designers. You don't have to be a writer to write鈥攖houghtfully structuring a few sentences a day helps me reflect and get things off my mind. I've definitely been writing more lately and I truly believe it's because of a few apps that have easily managed to become part of my daily routine and work flow. 


I absolutely love this app! I write quick notes, random ideas and lists that I want to go back and access later. The interface has zero clutter and it's so easy to search for keywords and add tags. I don't always carry a notebook but I always have my iPhone so I always have a consistent place to jot things down. It syncs seamlessly between desktop and mobile and best of all it's free!

iA Writer

I use this if I'm drafting a blog post or something that requires a certain level of thought structure and editing. I have the Pro version but there is also the basic version if you don't think you need all the features.

Day One

I could never commit to a physical journal so having one on my iPhone makes perfect sense. I use this mainly for documenting life adventures and personal encounters as an expatriate. It instantly documents time, location, weather, images鈥攖he lot. Also Ian Haigh has raved about it every day I've known him, and I'd almost jump off a bridge if he told me to.

Hemingway App

A fun web app that makes your writing bold and clear. If I'm having trouble writing a sentence I'll throw it in here and tweak, before copying and pasting back into my original document.

Copy Paste Character

This isn't really an app but I use it so often when writing that it should be. So quick and so handy when you need a quick glyph.

Hopefully these will kickstart your writing like they have for me! You can always find these apps and more links on the resources page.

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