Conscious Consumerism

No matter how or what we consume, we are making a footprint. Unethical behaviour however is often supported purely due to ignorance and to preserve our planet we need to become far more conscious as designers as well as consumers.

Schoolin’ Life

The concept of the school of life isn’t an original one, but I started composing a list of things. Things I hope to learn and continue to improve on. Things they didn’t teach at school that I wish as hell they did.

Olivia Chen

Olivia Chen is a designer, art director and founder of Studio Chenchen. Olivia has worked across three different continents, including cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne and most recently, Sydney.

Erin Callaghan

Erin Callaghan is a designer specialising in print, typography and graphic identities. She’s based in Melbourne and her work has been supervised by leading designers in the city, such as Dominic Hofstede.